The Cancer in Water

These doctors don’t know anything. I am perfectly fine, they just want my kidneys.

-Munshi Ram (1926-2017)


What’s the worst alarm tone you’ve ever heard? The typical beep? Maybe your favourite song or perhaps if you’re old school then the rooster. But nothing, absolutely nothing beats a 50-year-old lady barging into your room bawling and yelling “BABA MARR GAYE” (grandpa is dead). Like any other average individual who had lost faith and love a long time back when they peaked at 13, Gautam didn’t know how to react to that news initially. I mean how do you elicit care and consideration for a human you hid from as they would keep bothering you with their deluded sense of world. This one time his grandfather told him that his mother had given him cancer contaminated water. Don’t even bother getting into the reasoning there; Gautam never did. He just nodded yes to everything his grandfather said and occasionally agreed. When Gautam was 12 and his grandfather still old as Morgan Freeman, he got into a heated argument with him over Subhash Chandra Bose’s meeting with Hitler. Gautam told him that Bose had met Hitler but his grandfather was adamant about Hitler’s demise when Bose was just 14; then how could he possibly meet Hitler? They argued and argued for an hour and eventually Gautam gave up. His grandfather had no expression of victory on his face. He just took another hit from his hookah and started talking about how the cows hadn’t been giving enough milk because of Gautam’s mother’s careless feeding. “A cow is like a child, it’s a mute animal. It doesn’t know when to stop eating and when to start. It just eats whatever whenever it wants. We should take care of her diet only then will she give us milk. But your mother doesn’t understand this. She feeds a cow like an elephant.”, his grandfather had said.

When he could garner some civil sense of how to react in such a situation Gautam jumped out of his bed and ran to his grandfather’s room. And there like always his grandfather laid motionless on his cot. The room was dirty as usual, the hookah was drained, the ac working but not cooling and the TV switched on with its volume up to 90. His grandfather lost his hearing about a year back and it had begun fading sometime after he turned 50. Thereafter it kept getting harder to work. Not for his grandfather but for everyone else. Ever been in an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend where they make their point and walk out on you? Yeah so basically that was every conversation with Gautam’s grandfather. He would just say whatever he had to say and then look blankly at your face as you made your point and understood nothing. Every conversation was like a mic drop.

Gautam held his grandfather by his wrist and checked for pulse. There was none. But then he remembered how as a 9-year-old he had declared his grandfather dead while he was asleep as Gautam didn’t know how to take the pulse. His mother had bawled the same way that day and later slapped the snot out of him. So Gautam thought it best to check his breathing. And this time his diagnosis had been correct. Ch. Munshi Ram was gone forever. And right then when there was not a single speck of oxygen in his grandfather’s body, Gautam felt a sudden wave of emotion in his belly. It was confusion mostly as there were way too many things to think and believe in that moment. Emotions he hadn’t felt in a long time stood at some distance with open arms waiting to hug him. He wanted to kiss the corpse’s forehead but he didn’t know if that was something he was allowed to do. There’s a lot of things that can offend Hindus. He thought it best not to show his love through any intimate bodily contact. So instead he chose to hold his hand and just sit next to him for a while. And that’s when he saw his grandfather’s face from a straight angle and realised this is what a dead man looks like. Mouth wide open and hands cold like ice. Belly trying to abandon the body and eyes rolled back into the skull. He overcame his fascination with some gloominess and held his grandfather’s hand a little tighter. He doesn’t know why but he just did. There was going to be a lot of crying and a lot of formalities. There was going to be a feast in his grandfather’s honour and a lot of people were going to say a lot of nice things about him they did not mean.

At some distance Gautam’s father stood with his eyes bloodshot and swollen. But there were no tears to be found. I guess people run out of them after a point of time. The strongest members of the family looked weak that day. His father had officially become the eldest member and hence the head of the family. Roles had been switched in a second. Gautam’s elder brother had replaced his father and their father had replaced his father. All these things were going through his head as he held the cold hands of this 91-year-old. No one had thought he could die. He had outlived everyone from his generation and now he lay there dead. Maybe that’s why everyone who came to see him was personally ensuring that he was dead. You could never be too sure. Or maybe you can as it’d be a pretty imbecile move to hold your breath for an hour without informing the Guinness Book of World Record.

Gautam showered and thought about the last few hours. How does a son feel who just lost his father? How does a grandson feel? How does a great grandson feel? How does the dog feel? How do the strangers feel? His mind hadn’t functioned continually for this long in a long time. Functioned and not gotten tired. There were herds of people walking in and out of his house and he stood blank looking into the open fields and seeing nothing but the golden of grains. It’s going to be a good harvest he thought. His grandfather would have liked it and not shown any appreciation as usual. “No need to pride yourself on a good harvest. Bishan Gujjar still has a better harvest and he doesn’t even own a tractor. You’re all useless. You and your mother and your father. ”, he would have said and then pretended to hear Gautam as he would argue with him over Bishan’s harvest. His presence really hurt Gautam; but that day his absence hurt more.


Love Always







What a slut

FeaturedWhat a slut

You are a slut. You walk like a slut. You talk like a slut. You act like a slut. You look like a slut. You seem like a slut. You dress like a slut. Slut.

-all of us

The aforementioned statements need no citations. You and I have come across them quite often in our daily dialogue. It is common custom amongst the historians, analysts and researchers to move chronologically from past to present and thereby conjecture upon the future. That would be the most optimal way of setting the stage for your opinion and proving a particular point by providing a cohesive account. But I am neither a historian nor a researcher. So I can literally say whatever the fuck I want and get away with it.

Let’s begin by going back to the above mentioned statements and understanding what they really entail in the 21st century. Not much you’d say, since it’s been adopted into the common verbal usage of our generation. We could take an etymological perspective of the word and trace it back to 14th century in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Where, in the prologue to Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale the author says, “Why is thy lord so sluttish…”. And I urge you to read the prologue as it will be clear that the author wasn’t doing two things; referring to a woman and attaching a sexual connotation to the word ‘sluttish’. And if I am to go by the general interpretation of those lines then he was referring to the man’s disreputable appearance which was at odds with his rank.

Coming back to 2017, the go to dictionary of all things pop-culture, i.e. the urban dictionary, defines the word as “a woman with the morals of a man”. When left to its own device, that line without a context doesn’t mean anything. It is an open-ended statement that could be interpreted a thousand different ways by a thousand different people. So when we look at that definition independent of word slut we are faced with two questions, namely; what are the morals of a man and do these morals transmute to something immoral when possessed by an individual of the opposite gender?

Each of those questions brings with them their own subsets of sexist arguments that need to be countered separately. So it is very easy to deviate from the subject matter at hand. Nonetheless we can’t undermine any of the subsidiary issues arising out of the primary one. Now, statements like “morals of a man” are a massive generalization that to some extent are sexist performative statements. Their meaning differs with communities and cultures but with a singular widely held misconception that the morals of a man are questionable as the men are more prone to sleeping around than women. This generalisation isn’t a 21st century creation. Some of the most prominent philosophers in the past have held that men would sleep with multiple women while the women would refrain from doing so. Hence, the power structure within the family would hold the women more sacred and chaste as the lineage of future generations would be drawn from the women and not the men. At this stage it is pointless to say that such generalisation harm both genders. But it is safe to presume and as is evident, that due to the prevailing patriarchal structure these generalisations harm the women more than they harm men.

Unlike the beliefs of the philosophers who died ages ago; in the 21st century the men are venerated for their ‘scoring skills’. The number of women you sleep with, the duration for which you last in bed, the inches on your penis, the hair on your chest, the condemnation of condoms and the dominating sex positions are all reflective of your masculinity. So the end goal isn’t as much as the satisfaction of your sexuality as much as it is about feeding your own ego and to constantly subject and subdue yourself to the societal standard of masculinity. These standards have transformed themselves into a trend and that trend has created certain premises that are blindly followed in our society. It’s due to the promulgation of such standards that people perceive men as more promiscuous and women as chaste. And from that arises the taboo associated with the sexuality and once that taboo is associated with women, they are deemed as sluts. So if I were to summarize the causal chain in order, it would be as follows; unreal standards, real trends, false premises/beliefs, misconception of men, sex viewed as a taboo, women associated with the taboo and ultimately tagged as sluts.


So the issue lies in the origin of the word slut within the 21st century. Unlike etymologists I would propose that we need to focus more on the current proverbial usage of ‘slut’ than providing insights into its historical meaning. The verbal dichotomy of ‘slut’ in separate cultural settings would hold far more substantial value than looking at Oxford’s citations from 1402 that described slut as a woman of untidy appearance and dirty habits. Dirty here meaning unclean and not sexually kinky of course. Most of the historical appearances of the word ‘slut’ refer to someone unsanitary or unpleasant and have nothing to do with sexuality. It would require a special expertise in the field of language to assess how the word has travelled from an insult on appearance to an insult on character.

Nonetheless we can’t lose sight of what the word belies today. It is a character defining remark that does the worst type of damage. And the worst type of damage is the damage that isn’t perceived as damage. We are witnessing a social media revolution in the field of mental health activism. Posts that highlight the importance of addressing the slightest of issues as they can have long-term detrimental effects. To me ‘slut’ is like depression. It has been used as a joke, an insult, a sympathizing agent and a pop culture activism gimmick. If it isn’t brought back to its roots, the word shall only be adopted further into our informal dictionaries to cause further damage. There’s a separate venture by some of the learned feminists to reclaim the world ‘slut’. What that essentially means is that the word shall be sustained and along with it the pop-culture connotation attached to it. But the women will embrace the word rather than shying away from it. This I believe is an excellent way to deal with the massive contamination of slut-shaming in our society. But the only critique I have for it is that this is a short-term solution to a long term problem. Also, this embracing hinges upon the mental perceptibility of young minds to a highly complex idea. A 16-year-old might not be able to embrace the word while continually being shamed on a physical and mental level by her peers. Therefore, such a reclaiming would require a lot of mature minds when in reality the direct brunt of this shaming is being faced by young and inexperienced minds.

Both men and women face different forms of shaming. And to say that the shaming of one gender is independent of the other is absolutely ludicrous. The slut-shaming of women has its genesis in the proverbial perception of males. And the shaming of men has to do with the years of virtual conditioning of women into something they’re not meant to be. The women we see today aren’t the women as they were and the same plies to the men. The structures we live in define us and we define the structures. To let the structure take hold of our independent thoughts would mean succumbing to a mental incapacitation of progressiveness. Hence, the need to question the mainstream arises. And challenging the callous usage of ‘slut’ is one of those many questions.

love always



Reservation or Reparation?

Reservation or Reparation?

The goal of Socialism is Communism.

-Vladamir Lenin

Even twenty six years after the report submitted by the Mandal commission, there is yet to be a conclusive figure that determines the number of OBCs in India. The report submitted by the Mandal commission set the figure at a daunting 52%. Whereas a national sample survey conducted only 10 years after showed the portion of OBCs to be just 32% excluding the Muslim OBCs. Self immolation of a young and bright Delhi University student, Rajiv Goswami, made news for some time. And perhaps it is the imperative nature of that news and media that the Jat protesters have come to realise today. And so upon the same premise they have taken it upon themselves to create a barricade in the functioning of the  millennium city of India to make the government and rest of the country stoop to their abhorrent and grotesque demands.

A simple criticism of the reservation system would also be the most obvious and the most simple one; racial inequality. When Morgan Freeman was asked about his resolution to fix the racial problem of the democratic nation of United States, he simply said, “stop talking about it”. The government, the OBCs, the Generals and every single category, that has been so generically created by the mandate of one commission, need to understand that before any other constricted tag defined by the society we are all primarily citizens of the great  nation of India. A nation robust in its rich heritage and its amalgam of races and cultures. The strength of our diversity has been twisted and debauched into a corrupt political attempt to subjugate us all in a race to exercise rule over this democratic nation. OBCs are not looked at as backwards in our society by the political leaders but as a valuable section of society that are the bricks to the voter bank. And so they are promised, lied to, and finally forgotten by our political leaders. The ones that come under the creamy layer are left unaffected, it’s the poorest of poor who were counting on that reservation and that quota who are left betrayed. And it is those hollow words and amplified promises given by our very eloquent and erudite politicians that has led to the tumult we find ourselves in today.

While advancing the reservation and creating the perks for the disparaged of our society there were a few criterions that were to be taken as the pedestal to departmentalizing the citizens. The major ones being the Social, Educational and the Economical. Now, any human being in the right state of their mind would fathom the most profound cause for social backwardness to be in defunct education and poverty. And if the law makers and the law takers would disagree to that then they would at least come to consensus when I say that the best mode of ridding ourselves of the backwardness is education and economical help.
Instead the wise men of the Mandal commission came to the conclusion that the most prominent basis to categorize someone as legally backward should be the social classification of their status, i.e, if they are considered backward by other members of the society. And so the maximum weightage, i.e of 3, was given to the Social factor and the minimum, i.e of 1, was given to the economical factor. In other words if you live on the pavements and sleep under the bridge you wouldn’t be considered backward. But god forbid if you have a huge bungalow and ten cars and a substantial pool of wealth but your neighbor calls you backward, you would be entitled to the quota in the revered government jobs and other institutions which you can so easily afford.
Hence the whole foundation of the reservation system is based on botched up and despicable premises.

The Jat protesters do not have any claim over any form of reservation. Neither do any other castes. Reservation is for the ones that are underprivileged and the ones stripped of their basic standard of living. Just having a surname does not entitle you to steal the rights of the much more deserving and needing.
When we ask for something to our parents we aren’t just handed all of our wishes. We are asked to earn it, work for it, sweat for it and bleed for it if required. But never just handed. It’s the same household logic of every single hut and bungalow, which has been passed on for centuries that needs to be practiced in our government. By providing reservation the government is creating a socialist form of country wherein the people are getting used to more and more at less work. We are not living in the 19th century India where the backward castes weren’t allowed to enter temples or sit with the so called ‘upper castes’. We are a nation that has excelled in every single field except mental diversity.

Jat protesters have no claim to these reservation rights. And if your basic foundation for protests is your surname then it’s not rights you ask for; it’s reparations.

love always

Law or Justice?

Law or Justice?

He was 6 months short of 18 and she was a full 23. She was going to be a doctor and he was going to get drunk the next day (again).

The instinctual and the most raw emotion that was exhibited by most of the people who managed not to break down in tears was of an internal disgust originating in the stomach. They say it’s the heart that was sorrowed but truly it were our stomachs that felt the emotion that our mind was conveying to each and every cell of our body. And then of course came the surprise and anger and perplexity, but initially it was the disgust and stomach crumpling. And today when i read in the morning paper that the juvenile is to be let go with a 10,000 rupees grant along with a sewing machine, I felt the disgust once again. Only this time I feel it at myself. I feel as a citizen of this country, but more imperatively as a human being I have literally done nothing to contribute towards justice to Nirbhaya.

There is no debating the fact that a juvenile is immature and has a full right to exercise a second chance. Or perhaps even a third chance if that’s all he needs to amend his ways. But the question that needs answering at the end of the minor sentence given to this child who has served his minuscule time at the reformatory is whether he as a person has truly been reformed mentally. The whole agenda behind minimizing punishment for this criminal is to give him that second chance he deserves or any other child off the block is entitled to so that they can think rationally and empathize in the society with day to day issues. But the facts of the case tell us that the juvenile in Nirbhaya case did not confess to his crime. And when someone despite being proven guilty does not confess, it tells you a thing or two about their state of mind. The juvenile clearly feels no remorse or regret whatsoever. Instead, he has the audacity to lie in the face of the civil administration, citizens of this country, and the parents who lost their only daughter. So the lawmakers and the lawtakers must at this point seriously consider reaffirming and reframing their policies as they reflect on the consequences. The consequences that do not exist for the culprit but seem rather critical for the society.

The stunted amount of 10,000 and a sewing machine are a small offering that projects a huge loss to this nation. The mere fact that the culprit is being handed money may prove to be a small block in the treasury but it is the everest of emotions for this country. The amount may very well be just a rupee or it may be as big as a million but the immoral and unjustified connotations attached to it cannot be put down quantitatively. The money is supposed to help the boy reestablish himself in the society as a new and improved man of a higher moral awareness. But praying 5 times a day and keeping a fast on Id do not prove a man’s worth in terms of ethics and empathy. Even the wise men at ISIS are afraid of allah, and even they read their Namaaz meticulously. But that doesn’t hide the darkness of their hearts and the dearth of guilt in their minds.

Keeping apart the elementary common sense that a boy who is short 6 months of turning 18 is pretty much an eighteen year old and that no spiritual enlightenment could have possibly occurred in those 6 months to keep him from getting drunk and ripping apart the intestines of a young aspiring lady of great promise; the lawmakers need to understand that the sense of maturity or rationality cannot be measured by age. A boy of 15 may have more civil sense that someone twice his age. So debating on the grounds of age is not viable when you are advocating the ability to rationalize and judge. So the whole argument of giving the boy a second chance just because he is 18 topples down to the ground. Because the age is not reflective of the human’s state of mind. So what exactly have you reformed in that boy? Because for all we know he still doesn’t care.

Is the law justified? And if it is, then for whom? Is it justified for the culprit or is it justified for the victim? I do not advocate mobs or Facebook comments; I only speak as a rational human being. Is the law indeed justified? The answer is not that complicated. But for some reason the implications are too diverse. The law must speak for the collective conscience of a country. The way elections speak or the elimination round of a reality tv speaks. In the same manner the law of a country must be the voice of its citizens. If we were to follow just the law then eating meat in an undesired place would be more severe of a crime that molesting a mother of two. If we were to follow just the law then capital punishment to a man after 22 years would be justified. If we were to follow just the law then 13 years of struggle to justice would be washed away with one heavy fees for bail. That is what the law says. It is now up to us, whether we follow just the law or do we also follow its impact on our society and the message it sends out to the citizens.

Love Always


A Muslim’s Perspective

A Muslim’s Perspective

The word ‘Islam’ means ‘peace.’ The word ‘Muslim’ means ‘one who surrenders to God.’ But the press makes us seem like haters.

Muhammad Ali

India is not a secular nation. We’re a nation comprising of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and other religions. The largest of course, Hinduism followed by Islam. By numbers and figures Islam comprises of a mere 14% of the overall population of India but historically and experientially Islam seems to form half the India. From the food to architecture, sports to movies, ornaments to lifestyle; Islam and the Islamic culture has moulded India into the great nation that it is today.

Before there was BJP there was Congress and before Congress there were the British, and even before the British there were the Mughals. Indians, the real, the authentic, the born and bred and pure Indians, were simple people with ordinary lives. They made pots, lived in huts, survived on subsistence farming under the rule of a Maharaja and the barter system was at its apex in those times. Until Sher Shah Suri introduced the prototype to the greens in your wallet. A muslim quite literally changed the facade of an entire country’s economy and gave the Indians their basic monetary unit, “a rupee”.

It’s often pointed out by economists and the thunderous neighbors that the British did a big favor to Indians by building monuments and buildings and structures and basically laying the foundation for a booming economy. But the truth is British did what they did for their fulfillment, for their privileges, and for their selfish objectives. The railways were introduced with the motive of speeding the transportation of the Indian goods and commodities to England, the parliament was made to sentence the nationalists that raised their voice against the oppression and mass genocide and to kill the farmers who couldn’t pay the copious amounts of taxes. Everything and anything any Britisher ever managed to initiate in India was not for the upbringing of Indians but for the augmentation of the British empire. So historically the only people who actually loved India were the Mughals, and I say India not Indians.

Mughals massacred and killed relentlessly to settle in India, but the Mughals wanted the “Hindustan” to grow, to prosper, to become the golden bird. Not a single Mughal aimed to exploit India, or denounce it of its natural beauty unlike the British who chopped down thousands of acres of forests for timber. But today when India and the Indians have bloomed and prospered to such great heights, the true essence of the Islam and the gravity of Islamic culture in fabrication of this nation, has been lost in time. If you begin to gather on when did so much change so quickly you will not be able to catch the tail of the culprit that time is. The difference in perspective of a young man today and his father seems like a century of evolution and change when it has only been 68 years since partition. Surely something has gone downhill in the process of moving forward.

A large section of society has comprehended Islam on the basis of dissipated generalization made by news channels. And society can’t be blamed, for major news channels such as Fox go out loud calling Syrian refugees terrorist on national television while reporters in Hungary kick little children for being a muslim. Six million jews were killed during the holocaust which is slightly shy of the four million muslims who have been killed so far due to the global war on terror. No one suffers more from a terrorist attack than a muslim. Whether it is in terms of education, finance, mental health, family, friends, basically every imperative factor of their life.

Syria, Al Tanaya village Adra (rural Damascus), 3 December 2013 Fatema, 24 years old - displaced with her family from Douma in rural Damascus to Adra - feeding her 18 month old daughter Haneen lunch. Photo: WFP/Abeer Etefa
Syria, Al Tanaya village Adra (rural Damascus), 3 December 2013
Fatema, 24 years old – displaced with her family from Douma in rural Damascus to Adra – feeding her 18 month old daughter Haneen lunch.

When ISIS beheaded hundreds my muslim neighbor was cooking shish kebab at his place with his beautiful wife and children. When Ajmal Kassab entered the Taj, Professor Qureshi of Aligarh University was returning home from college. There are a million more who were and are busy minding their own business while gruesome and heinous killings are being carried out in the name of Islam. My plea to every human being out there is to know and feel a muslim’s perspective.

Love Always


A French Affair

A French Affair

When a child goes to watch a football game with his father or when a 15 year old girl plans an entire evening with her interim lover at a concert; the thought of men armed with military grade weapons attacking civilians doesn’t dawn on anyone. And hence the severity and travesty’s main root becomes the factor of surprise. Over the last two days the social and print media along with neighborhood summits and long morning walkers have indulged into a detailed post-mortem of the tragedy that hit the great nation of France.

My resolve is similar to that of a man who has stayed silent behind the scenes and listened to the opinions and gathered an overture from the plethora of views that have been tossed around in the last two days. For some reason when the “prayforparis” posts got too mainstream people resorted to the classic “why just pray for Paris, why not Lebanon or Beirut or Iraq or Syria” and it goes on and on. Now one of the things that the avid facebookers need to understand is that you are no better. Your basic understanding and knowledge of the issue has come from some blog on internet that has changed its total casualty count more times than you’ve changed your clothes. So do not try to be the united nations ambassador who is acquainted with the terrorist activities of the entire world. It’s widely accepted that the bombings in France have been played on every news channel and website and every single blog on internet, and the terror activities in other nations that are not so much into the loop of vogue have been left out. But the fact that France is a major major player in today’s economy and because it is so well connected with the rest of the world in both economic and cultural factors, an attack on France will catch a much more elevated attention than a third world country. Hence, the term “a third world country”.

There is a reason why life insurance companies do not put a number on your policy. The cost of human life whether of a French, or an Indian, or an African is incomputable. But in the light of this fact I must also point out that the cost of a country and it’s current position is downright calculable. Hence, even Al Jazeera will showcase the Paris bombings instead of their own headquarters being bombed. Simply because the people out there know the capital of romance more than the paris of the middle east. So the people out there who have resorted to take a stance against the media, just know that you’re voicing your opinion at the same time when someone else is “praying” for paris. If you were an ardent humanist then the story would be something else. But for now you aren’t really in a better position.

Next comes the reaction of the various western and European governments. One of the discoveries from the crime scene have been the unearthing of a Syrian passport. Now I will very wisely presume that the erudite and highly intellectual political leaders have not shut down their gates to refugees and planned to revise their Schengen policy just because of that sole fact alone. Because that decision would no doubt be cruel and illogical but also a highly emotional one. So the hypocrisy clearly comes out in times like these. Great nations preach their outlook of society with secularity and equality and highly indiscriminate on racial and other peculiar factors. But because a “Syrian” passport was found at the scene of blast it is assumed that the intake of refugees must be revised.

The Muslims all around the globe condemned the acts of ISIS and united as a different voice of Islam, the one we are not much acquainted with, the voice of love, and peace and tranquility. As much as I respect the initiative I must also indicate that the duty of a muslim does not finish with the post button of a Facebook status. The killings are done in the name of Islam; your religion. Hence it becomes your duty to take a step further from just voicing your opinion. Do not mistake me to be advocating against Islam. The only concern that I raise is the one of initiative that goes beyond you stating your opinion.

Now as far as India is concerned, the government will wait for an attack on the public and then “strongly condemn it”. Since I am an inhabitant of the NCR region and because I am still alive, I must draw your attention to the fact how lucky I am to not have been attacked… yet. Places like Sadar Bazaar and Sarojini Market still lay without even the diminutive amount of security. So my hearty gratitude to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi for not attacking such a populated area and curses to the government elect for not doing the needful. Here in India the taxpayers’ money is used for top notch security of politicians. But for the security of the very citizens that elect these representatives there are four policemen posted on duty in Sadar Bazaar with a salary of 10,000 each. So for the crowd of 5,000 people 40,000 is spent on security, and for 4,126 politicians crores.

Our hearts go out to all the victims of acts of terrorism. Whether these victims are from Chhattisgarh, Beirut, Islamabad, Delhi, Paris, Washington, or anywhere. Only a survivor can understand and empathize with the pain of the lost. And as an outsider to this adversity I can hope, not pray, but hope that tomorrow will be better. That tomorrow the fallen shall rise, tomorrow the hope with inhibit the fear, tomorrow we shall unite, stand together to love and play on one land. The land where fear exists but not of guns and grenades, instead of dropping your ice cream on the floor. The land where race won’t be of color but of olympic games. The land where refuge won’t be from enemy tanks, instead from mother’s scoldings and father’s silent treatment. A land where love prospers and hate becomes history.

Love Always