The goal of Socialism is Communism.

-Vladamir Lenin

Even twenty six years after the report submitted by the Mandal commission, there is yet to be a conclusive figure that determines the number of OBCs in India. The report submitted by the Mandal commission set the figure at a daunting 52%. Whereas a national sample survey conducted only 10 years after showed the portion of OBCs to be just 32% excluding the Muslim OBCs. Self immolation of a young and bright Delhi University student, Rajiv Goswami, made news for some time. And perhaps it is the imperative nature of that news and media that the Jat protesters have come to realise today. And so upon the same premise they have taken it upon themselves to create a barricade in the functioning of the  millennium city of India to make the government and rest of the country stoop to their abhorrent and grotesque demands.

A simple criticism of the reservation system would also be the most obvious and the most simple one; racial inequality. When Morgan Freeman was asked about his resolution to fix the racial problem of the democratic nation of United States, he simply said, “stop talking about it”. The government, the OBCs, the Generals and every single category, that has been so generically created by the mandate of one commission, need to understand that before any other constricted tag defined by the society we are all primarily citizens of the great  nation of India. A nation robust in its rich heritage and its amalgam of races and cultures. The strength of our diversity has been twisted and debauched into a corrupt political attempt to subjugate us all in a race to exercise rule over this democratic nation. OBCs are not looked at as backwards in our society by the political leaders but as a valuable section of society that are the bricks to the voter bank. And so they are promised, lied to, and finally forgotten by our political leaders. The ones that come under the creamy layer are left unaffected, it’s the poorest of poor who were counting on that reservation and that quota who are left betrayed. And it is those hollow words and amplified promises given by our very eloquent and erudite politicians that has led to the tumult we find ourselves in today.

While advancing the reservation and creating the perks for the disparaged of our society there were a few criterions that were to be taken as the pedestal to departmentalizing the citizens. The major ones being the Social, Educational and the Economical. Now, any human being in the right state of their mind would fathom the most profound cause for social backwardness to be in defunct education and poverty. And if the law makers and the law takers would disagree to that then they would at least come to consensus when I say that the best mode of ridding ourselves of the backwardness is education and economical help.
Instead the wise men of the Mandal commission came to the conclusion that the most prominent basis to categorize someone as legally backward should be the social classification of their status, i.e, if they are considered backward by other members of the society. And so the maximum weightage, i.e of 3, was given to the Social factor and the minimum, i.e of 1, was given to the economical factor. In other words if you live on the pavements and sleep under the bridge you wouldn’t be considered backward. But god forbid if you have a huge bungalow and ten cars and a substantial pool of wealth but your neighbor calls you backward, you would be entitled to the quota in the revered government jobs and other institutions which you can so easily afford.
Hence the whole foundation of the reservation system is based on botched up and despicable premises.

The Jat protesters do not have any claim over any form of reservation. Neither do any other castes. Reservation is for the ones that are underprivileged and the ones stripped of their basic standard of living. Just having a surname does not entitle you to steal the rights of the much more deserving and needing.
When we ask for something to our parents we aren’t just handed all of our wishes. We are asked to earn it, work for it, sweat for it and bleed for it if required. But never just handed. It’s the same household logic of every single hut and bungalow, which has been passed on for centuries that needs to be practiced in our government. By providing reservation the government is creating a socialist form of country wherein the people are getting used to more and more at less work. We are not living in the 19th century India where the backward castes weren’t allowed to enter temples or sit with the so called ‘upper castes’. We are a nation that has excelled in every single field except mental diversity.

Jat protesters have no claim to these reservation rights. And if your basic foundation for protests is your surname then it’s not rights you ask for; it’s reparations.

love always


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